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Dead Blog? Dead Owner?

No, I’m not dead. I have been really busy since I last wrote something (ummmm, before I posted that awesome recipe for Shepherd’s Pie that is.) There has been a few things that have been holding me back from posting on this site as much as I would like to, but such is life.

I am still using Linux as my primary OS of choice, I’ve upgraded my Raspberry Pi to the new Pi 2 when that was released, been spending time with my daughter, annnnd trying to get my podcast back up to par to which I would like it to be again (which I have been slacking as much with that than this).

In late July I was diagnosed with a leaky aortic valve in my heart and it needed to be replaced. The surgery took place towards the end of September which they replaced my valve with a mechanical valve. This was not an invasive procedure. I had my chest cracked open and the valve was put in. Spent a week in the hospital and the past 3 months recovering. I return back to work the first Monday in January.

I have been keeping busy listening and involving myself more with podcast communities of the shows I listen to (mostly Nobody Likes Onions). Also I have been working on a few projects that one of my design clients had given me over the course of my recovery. I did about 3 business cards and a full presentation with Impress for them. Apparently there is another project which I will have to get more details to quote them for the estimate.

Aside from that I had slacked in my own podcast (VooDooRadio). Not just because it hurt to do anything. I did 1 show during my recovery I think. But, after that show we had a couple new roommates move into the room next to me and I had to wait to finish healing before I began to build the studio in the basement.

Aside from that, I have been cooking meals more and more. I will be posting a lot more recipes. I recommend checking out Gourmet if you want an awesome cross-platform recipe database. It has a lot of powerful import and export tools and I can export all my recipes into PDF if I wanted to print and put them in a binder. But not yet. Still adding things to it.

I think I will put the chili recipe I have been cooking a lot of lately because it’s delicious and it’s been a little colder now. It’s what my daughter calls, “Brain and Noodle Soup.”

The recipe contains neither. My kid is just as weird as I am. Until next time…

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